Soalon ≪ソアロン≫

Soalon is a triacetate filament produced proprietarily in the world by Mitsubishi Chemical Co., Ltd.

Since production commenced in Japan in 1967, it has constantly been placed under the spotlight as a breakthrough development in the world of fiber for its ability to enhance fashion creativity, and is highly appraised in the industry.

It combines the unique beauty of natural pulp with flexible material properties created through the power of science.

This beauty and functionality create a range of possibilities, from wide variations of fabric development to fashion expressions. Soalon not only helps to orchestrate the current lifestyles of people, but also provides suggestions and proposals for future lifestyles.

Soalon embodies the dreams of the fashion industry, and paves the way to a colorful and glamorous future.

What are triacetate filaments?

Triacetate filaments are characterized by a luster and touch that resemble silk. Generally, they are combined with other fibers such as rayon or polyester to create fabric for women’s wear. Triacetate is particularly suitable for high class women’s wear due to its soft texture and rich draping properties.



Comparison of Soalon with major fibers

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