Solshield ≪ソルシールド≫

Heat shielding materials

With the rise in temperatures in recent years as a result of global warming, heat-shielding fibers have begun to draw attention as a countermeasure against the summer heat.
Solshield reduces the impact of light and heat from the sun (from the ultraviolet rays that cause sunburn to the infrared rays that cause the sensation of heat), and is expected to suppress the rise of temperature inside the clothes by more than 3°C.
(Comparison with materials previously produced by our company)

Low heat conduction polypropylene

Solshield has a dual-layer structure, comprising a core section made from a special polypropylene polymer wrapped in a polyester fiber sheath. This allows each layer to reflect and scatter sunlight, thus achieving a high level of heat shielding ability.
The surface of Solshield is made from polyester fibers, giving it greater dyeing fastness and good chromogenic properties. This allows it to be used in ways that are similar to typical polyester.

Solshield does not allow sunlight to pass through easily, providing relief from the heat

*Solshield, which reflects sunlight through its unique dual-layer structure:
・Provides apparel with a shielding effect to suppress the rise of temperature inside the apparel
・Eases the degree of temperature rise of the apparel itself, as compared to other heat-shielding materials that contain inorganic substances

Caring for Solshield

○Please follow the instructions laid out in the Care of Polypropylene Fiber handbook issued by the Japan Chemical Fibers Association.
However, it can be combined with cellulosic fibers.

○Do not tumble-dry.